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We are the bridge that connects payments from platforms of all types.

From Venmo to CashApp, we support cross payment transactions of all types.

  • Our team consists of hardworking and ambitious individuals who strive to make all transactions universal.
  • Our goal is to make digital transactions convenient for everyone at an affordable cost.

Supported platforms

These are some of the platforms that you can transfer money on.


Send money from Venmo to any other supported platform.


Send money from CashApp to any other supported platform.

To Canada

Send from the US to Canada via PayPal or E-Transfer to any other supported platform. Supported currencies: USD and CAD

Coming Soon

Send money from Apple Pay to any other supported platform.


With our ingenious technology you can seamlessly transfer funds from all types of digital payment accounts. Our support teams around the world are on standby to help customer improve their digital payment methods with ease and security.


Our system is transparent and gives you instant updates on every transaction


We allow our users to customize their transfers and send and receive money from all types of payment


Funds transferred through the PayBridge system is secure through multiple levels of verification


Straight out of the mouths of some of our most loyal and respected customers.

PayBridge allowed me to send money to one of my friends in under 10 minutes. They were there every step and resolved when we had an issue beforehand. Can't wait to see what else PayBridge has to offer!

Aiden Matt

PayBridge made transferring money from the USA to Canada easy, me and my friend had an issue where we couldn't transfer money because there was no platform that was usable for us, and PayBridge took care of us and gave an amazing customer experience while they did it. I personally recommend PayBridge to whoever neeeds to transfer money from the US to Canada, and their cross platform transfer service works wonders aswell.

Abdur-Rehman Sajid

Yooo thank you! I wasnt expecting this to work but being able to connect. This is great way for many people to transfer funds from different apps!

Sreeram Manchikalapudi


Pricing plans to make sure you have to optimal experience for any use case. Some of our plans will be locked until we release another version. Our minimum transaction amount is $1.


$0 / month

  • 2.5% + 15 cents fee
  • 2 transactions a day
  • $35 max transaction amount
  • Transact to anybody who uses the app.
  • Access to pro feautures
  • 2.4% + 13 cents fee
  • $75 max transaction amount


$9.99 / month

  • 2.2% + 10 cents fee
  • 20 transactions a day
  • $100 transaction max
  • Transact to anybody who uses the app.
  • Access to premium feautures
  • $125 transaction max
  • 2% + 5 cents fee


$14.99 / month

  • 2% + 5 cents fee
  • Unlimited transactions
  • $125 transaction max
  • Transact to anybody who uses the app.
  • Access to all feautures

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to some common questions about PayBridge.

  • How can you trust us?

    Our system is secure using multiple levels of encryption and verification - we've got your back.

  • Transfer speeds range in time. It depends when you transfer money, during buisness hours transactions can be much faster then late hours. We are still in beta and we will improve our transfer speeds very soon after the beta version is finished.

  • Our service allows users to transfer funds within minutes to hours rather than having to wait 3-5 business days for funds to transfer from bank accounts to a digital payment service account. Our fee is minimal while still optimizing user experience. We aim to make digital payments quicker and convient for everyone.

  • Yes, unfortunately to meet our business expenses we need to charge a small transaction fee. However, our team works hard to bring you the lowest transaction fees possible.


Feel free to reach out to us if you want to ask any questions or just get in touch.

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